Day 109 July 3rd

As part of my fitness journey I am trying to learn to listen to my body. I am not very good at this when it comes to resting and taking a break. I usually push my body until it just stops working or I get sick.  But this morning I listened! I was very sore and tired and my body was screaming for more sleep, so I slept in an extra hour and half! Then I took a short walk to wake my body up and stretch out a bit. After I did complete the legs and glutes workout! UGH! I am happy to have a break from workouts until Monday. I will run tomorrow morning and then “rest” for the weekend. Although I will be working hard on the house! 

This morning while reading the new Bible App devotional, “Trust God Despite Uncertainty”, I felt such peace.  The topic was “Do you Wonder About the Plan?” The author was speaking from the point of view of God. She pointed out that it is difficult to not know what is coming in the future or what the plan really is. I have been thinking about this a lot lately with the virus and returning to work and the kids going to school. My question is “what now, what is next?” Because this is something nobody has ever experienced, we can’t even imagine what it might be like. But you know what? I don’t have to know.  As the author points out, God has a plan for us. She writes:

“Here is my plan: I have good for you. It is my desire that you know Me, that you love Me, that you follow Me, that you serve Me. It is my plan, it is my desire, that you want to be with Me, that you want to talk with Me, that you stay here, in this moment with Me, and concern yourself with knowing Me now, this moment, and not considering all the details about the future that I know and you don’t.”

This really spoke to me this morning! I needed this! 

Today was another day of work upstairs! I am ready to be done! The kids were super excited because some of their bedroom stuff they ordered came in.  Later in the evening my cousin let me borrow the car again so Aaron and I could run and do a bunch of curbside pickup for things we ordered for upstairs and Addie’s birthday. Aaron and I were wondering if places will continue with the curbside service when COVID is over. It seems like it is something that would do well if it stayed. However we did say that we enjoy it because we spend less money, from not seeing everything in the store, so perhaps it would not be a financially wise move for places.  

When we returned, I took the car back to my cousins and rode my bike back home and could not stop looking at the beautiful sky! The sun was setting and it was such a peaceful evening. I enjoyed the mile and half bike ride. When I got home, we put the kids to bed and I continued to work until midnight. 

The last couple of days the kids have been watching “America’s Got Talent”.  This is a new favorite I guess. I watched a couple of auditions, and really I got choked up with some of the stories and then when they get the “yeses” from the panel, it just is so moving. I was telling Aaron I think I get so emotional because I just love when someone takes a chance on a person and gives them an opportunity that they would not otherwise have. It gives people hope and the boost they need to keep pursuing their dream and calling. I love when this happens with my own students! It is amazing to see a person’s whole demeanor change when they are given a chance, especially when they don’t deserve it but need a fresh start.  In some ways it is similar to when someone finds Christ and experiences a new beginning and fresh start to life.

Final thoughts and feelings: Like me, are you questioning what is next? Are you wondering what your purpose is or worried about tomorrow? Try to read the statement from above and really internalize what God is telling you. Can you find peace in trusting Him to get you through the day? I practiced this today and my heart and head was much more at ease. God has always worked everything out, maybe not in the way I thought it should be, but in most cases it turned out even better!

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