Day 110 July 4th

Happy Independence Day! This morning I took a short walk to stretch out my legs and get my body ready for the hard work ahead. I took my “rest” day today so I could have more time to work on the upstairs.  Tomorrow I will do my long run.  It was so humid this morning that it was hazy.  I am glad I worked inside today, it was HOT! 

This morning I was reflecting on what independence and freedom means for our country. In looking into it a lot of times people group the two terms as one in the same however there is a difference. To be independent is to do something by yourself without depending on others, freedom is having no restrictions or rules.  So for our country, we were able to become independent from England, as a result we had the  freedom to make our own choices, without the limitations of an overhead authority.  

To me, when I think of these two words my mind goes a different direction. As it is, independence has been seen as a strength and is praised by our society, and I would agree that to be independent is a good thing for the most part, until it becomes a block between a person and their ability to acknowledge that they don’t really have all they need to survive.  There is not one person who can be wholly independent and not have a deeper need for help. I believe this help comes from the Lord. If you have no one else, or do not want to depend on or get help from anyone else(which can become a pride issue), you still need someone, and that someone can be God. This is not at all a bad thing. It really is like a best friend walking through life with you. Dependence is not a bad thing. When a child is young and dependent on a parent, no one judges that or sees it as a weakness, but as soon as they hit that special age of 18, they should now be independent. Because we are a child of God, we can remain in this dependent stage forever. That means we can stay in the safety and comfort of our fathers arms as we venture out and live our life. 

Along with depending on the Father, comes the gift of freedom. We have freedom in Christ. We are no longer having to follow the rules of the sinful nature or the eternal punishment that comes with sin. We are free to live, to love and to no longer be chained to our regret, failure and hidden demons. This is what God wants for us, to live unrestricted and dependent on Him to take care of our burdens and to walk us through our pain, so we don’t have to do it independently.

Today I worked like a mad woman to try to get the rooms finished for Monday. I gave myself until around 6:00 work and then we started celebrating the 4th of July and Addie’s birthday!  Her actual birthday is tomorrow but we will be out with her friends for most of the afternoon so we wanted to be sure to celebrate as a family! She insisted on making everything! She made the cake and decorated it and she made a punch. She even decorated! It was all super cute!  We set off some fireworks in the evening at home and we all had a great time. After dark the moon was so beautiful and full! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I think we all had a nice evening. I was a little concerned that I would not be able to relax and enjoy my family because I knew how much work I had to do. This morning in my journal, under my list of three priorities for the day, I wrote “slow down and enjoy my family when it is time”. As I have mentioned before, I struggle with this. I think I did a good job! I did not stress out thinking about what needed to be done, instead I enjoyed the time I had and relaxed!

Am I the only one that needs to be intentional about making it a priority to relax and enjoy my family by writing it on my to-do list? Maybe you struggle to slow down and be present too, if so, if you haven’t tried it yet, you could schedule it in and add it to your to do list. It seems a bit impersonal at first, but it is very helpful for me, especially since I am so task oriented. Maybe give it a try?

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