Day 108 July 2nd

This morning I decided to skip my run and mow the lawn and work on the garden instead before my workout. I actually cried during my workout today because it was so hard! I am so tired and the workouts are getting harder. I think the main issue is I am not getting enough food for the amount of energy I am putting out. So I will focus on my food today, no problem! I love that I can eat a lot of food and still have my results! The best thing I have learned about nutrition and being healthy and fit is that you don’t have to starve yourself to get results and to stay fit. This has been the most freeing reality! 

While reading my “Mama Bear Apologetics” book this morning she addressed the concept of “self help” and where the idea was born and how harmful it can be if you are relying on your own self to produce results. The problem with self help books is most of them focus on our own power and energy to see us through a problem but that doesn’t really work because we need the power of God to help us overcome it. Because Jesus overcame death and brought us life, we can, through him, overcome things in our life that we need to or want to change.  

I think about Rachel Hollis. I am not going to lie, when I read “Girl Wash Your Face” I fell in love with her drive, determination and her energy that she gave to others to help them accomplish their goals however, as some point I started to question where her energy and power was coming from.  After watching her documentary in the theatre, I really started to realize that her message was missing something, it was missing God. That is the power we need to change! 

My cousin and the kids came over this afternoon to swim! We enjoyed visiting outside while the kids swam. We are so grateful that our families are in the same situation to be home and isolating so we can feel safe being around each other.  Next week her husband goes back to work full time in the building (he is a principal) and then we will have to be more careful again but we have been distancing mostly anyway so we can still enjoy each other’s company! 

I got started late on the upstairs painting but made a dent. My arms were already sore from my morning workout and then painting the ceilings just added to it! The kids are so excited to have freshly remodeled rooms with a few new things for decorations. I am excited for them! It has been  a long time coming! I feel so blessed that we are able to do this for them. We have had a long hard financial history and we have been trying to get back on our feet and the hard work we have been putting into recovery has paid off! We are blessed! 

The kids helped out with the painting I worked on it until dinner and then we sat down together to eat and then played a couple rounds of UNO! It was nice to have some intentional family time together. We have put that on pause for the last couple of weeks due to trying to get the house projects finished. I am looking forward to next week so we can relax together! 

Final thoughts and challenge: When thinking about the Self Help topic and how many books I have read to overcome a certain area of my life that I have battled with for years. I go from book to book and can’t seem to have a breakthrough. It was not long ago that I was depending on the wrong source for healing. I have now turned to God to be my strength in this area and have started to have some healing. It is a work in progress but I think I am on the right track. 

Have you sought self help books that encourage you and tell you that you have the power to change anything about yourself? Have you experienced the frustration, defeat and feeling that something is wrong with you when you can’t seem to will yourself to be better?  Maybe you are looking at the wrong source? Maybe we don’t really have the power within us like we have been told…maybe we need someone much more powerful to lead us to the healing we are seeking!

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