Day 111 July 5th

Happy birthday Addie! Today my beautiful oldest is eleven. I can’t believe it. Time goes by so quickly…I pray I do not squander it! Because I had so much to do for the house still and I needed to get a few things around for Addie before she woke up, I did not run 😦 I struggled with this all day but I needed to spend the time doing other things. 

For my God time, I spent time praying for and thanking God for Addie! I am so blessed by her and so grateful to the Lord for giving me such an amazing gift! 

Before Addie woke up I wrapped her gifts and made her a pancake with the number 11 written with chocolate chips. When everyone was up we ate breakfast and she opened her presents. After that she made a treat for her friends for her get together this afternoon while Alaina and I worked on putting up more of her wallpaper.  We did not get it all done before Addie and I had to ride our bikes over to my cousins to borrow the car.

I am so grateful they have been so willing to let us use it a couple of times.  We are going on week 2 without any vehicle.  This will be one of those memories where we look back and say “remember that time when we were without a car for two weeks?!” LOL! 

After getting the car we headed to Chipotle to grab Addie her requested birthday lunch and then also got Starbucks for her to enjoy with her friends, decaf of course:) Then we made our way to the park! Addie had a blast with her friends and they socially distanced as much as possible!  The girls just enjoyed each other’s company while eating, swimming and hiking! It was awesome to watch them! I am grateful for her friends she has chosen. 

After her little gathering, we went home and I made one of her favorite meals.  While at the dinner table we went around and said what our favorite thing about Addie was.  We love her humor, her giving heart, her compassion for animals and friends and people who are mistreated.  I asked Addie what she liked most about herself and she said that she likes that she knows how to choose friends wisely.  

After dinner, I apologized to Addie and explained that I had to get back to work on the upstairs and we allowed them to have a sleepover in the living room, mainly because we didn’t have a choice but to bring our beds down.  They stayed up late watching a movie and eating popcorn while Aaron and I worked hard upstairs. Sometime during the movie, Addie came up and said that she just wanted me to know that she was actually really worried that today was going to be disappointing but that it ended up being the best birthday yet and she thanked me! This made the day complete:)We put them to bed around midnight (which is way too late) and I finally finished up around 3:30 and crashed on the mattress in the living room! 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today I realized that I often forget how precious my children are. I just get to living life day to day and begin to treat them as though they will always be there or that they are just another part of my life. But, on a day like today, when I slow down to really think about the little life that God has entrusted to me, I am in awe. First off, I am amazed I have safely helped her get to her eleventh year and secondly, I am taken back by the rapid change she is undergoing. Right before my eyes, she is turning into a wonderful little woman so quickly! I am so proud of who she is becoming and how God is molding and shaping her heart already. I pray I can slow down and reflect on this for all three of my children more often! They truly are a gift, even when they don’t feel like it! LOL 

Have you experienced this? Have you forgotten what a gift your child or children are? Take some time today to reflect on their talents, gifts and character. Be grateful you were chosen to be their parent. Maybe even tell them what you love most about them:)

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