Day 112 July 6th

I got just under 3 hours of sleep last night. I got up early to finish cleaning up the upstairs and clearing the last few things out for the carpet guys. I am exhausted and so tired. I decided it was best for me to listen to my body and take a full rest day. This was not a normal rest day, this was a do absolutely nothing rest day, after finishing up the upstairs of course. 

This morning for my God time I spent time praying for strength to get through the day. Days like today are so hard for me. I am a very productive person, meaning I stay busy all day moving, doing and completing tasks. Sitting and resting is more stressful to me than having a full line up of deadlines and things on my to do list. I have to pray often during these days to overcome my negative thoughts and to remind myself to stay focused on my relationships. 

As a result of my resting today, I was able to get some alone time with my children. Alaina and I built her little night stand that came today. It was so fun to see her figure out how to put it together and she actually figured it out mostly without the directions! She really enjoys building and creating. It is a gift that she has been given. She often will look at a product and explain ways that it could be enhanced. She also can see how things could have been created to work better.  She will create beautiful things as she grows! I am excited to see what she does with her life! 

Parker and I spent some time swinging on the big swing in the backyard. As we laid next to each other he told me how special I was to him and how much fun it was to have alone time. He really treasures me and wants to protect me. Protecting me comes so natural to him. He is very quick to rescue me if Aaron is tickling me or picking on me. I have been encouraging him to do the same for his sisters and one day for his wife. Yesterday we talked about him being a “knight and shining armor” for some special woman when he grows up. He sheepishly said he wasn’t sure he could do that and then said “I don’t know if I can get married because I am so afraid to ask a girl to marry me! What if she says no?” LOL! He is the cutest! 

Later in the evening Addie was hanging out with me in the kitchen as I prepared dinner and we were just chatting. She is so good to have around! I love spending time with the girl! Her innocence and free spirit are so refreshing! When we were discussing what movie to watch after dinner for our second living room sleepover of the week (the carpet guys have to return tomorrow to finish) she asked if I would watch with them. I told her that I was thinking of working upstairs to finish putting in outlets, light switches and new light fixtures and boy did she let me have it. She gently reminded me that I said I was tired and needed to let my body rest. She said “mom you need to listen to your body and rest, today is rest day so you should not do that!” She got me! How does an 11 year old put at 37 year old in their place? Addie has a way…every time! Thank you Addie for holding me accountable. Although I did not watch the movie with her, I did relax on the porch reading one of my favorite magazines, “Runner’s World”. Nerdy I know! 

Right after the movie was over, we aggressively prepared the living room with the mattresses and got the kids laying down and reading and I was in bed by 9:00! My body could not be happier! 

Final thoughts and challenge: Today was so hard emotionally, to be still. I wanted many times to get up and do a project but my body physically could not handle it. I am grateful for this because I would have just kept pushing and may have been much worse off physically for it. However I was blessed by slowing down and making a conscious effort to stay still. It was a harder exercise than all the physical work I do on a daily basis. 

Do you have a day this week that you can take a rest day? Fully slow down, nothing physical and just focus on the relationships in your life, resist the urge to be productive and relax and enjoy. 

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