Day 113 July 7th

My sleep was much better last night! I was still really tired today but I was able to run a couple of miles and get my workout in with my group online. I did struggle during my workout. I did not have enough energy and felt it was harder than it should have been but I made it though! I will need another solid night of sleep tonight! 

This morning in my morning devotional, the passage that was used was Matthew 25:14-30, the parable of bags of gold.  In most cases this parable is used to encourage people not to squander their gifts that God has given them and I think that is great and we should be sure to use our gifts to glorify Him and to do his work but there is something more I get from this. I am thinking of those of us who question if we have gifts or are worthy of having gifts from the Lord. This parable implies that we are all given gifts! This is exciting because there is no one who is excluded, even if the gifts are different from one another, we still are gifted! This brings purpose and a direction in our life that we might not have had otherwise. 

The carpet guys came again this morning to finish up the job! They took most of the day to get it done but they did it! It was a father and his son working together and the father was not kind to his son at all. He was calling him names and berating him constantly. I had to move the kids out of the house several times. I felt so bad for the teenage boy but didn’t know what to do for him.  As much as I didn’t want my kids to experience this kind of treatment, it was a good conversation starter and I think it helped them to appreciate us more and to have a better understanding of what some other kids go through. 

We were all getting pretty antsy today because this was the second day of being trapped downstairs and it stormed some too so the kids couldn’t go outside whenever they wanted. Parker did play in the puddles a little and they did get to swim in the morning, after we forced them to due to the angry father yelling, and then they watched a movie in Nancy and Sarah’s room to pass the time. Aaron and I hung out on the porch and in the dining room just doing random things. I was still pretty tired but I felt some of my energy returning. 

After the carpet guys finished we had a blast rolling on the floor and just enjoying the fresh new look! Everyone was so grateful and excited! This has been such a long time coming! I am so grateful we had the opportunity to get this done. Never underestimate having flooring! LOL It is horrible without it! Alaina was walking around proclaiming “now we can walk without hearing the creaking floor and I can walk in the hall without getting splinters!” UGH! I felt so embarrassed but grateful at the same time that we were finally in a place to afford something like this and take care of the things that we have been wanting to do for so long! 

Final thoughts and challenge: In regards to gifts from God, a couple of years ago it became every apparent to me that I was designed to be a school counselor. The very heart that God gave me and the gifts to support what I do allow me to do my job well and to glorify God while doing it.  I did not always believe this, and really was not sure if I would do anything special in my life. So if you are thinking you are not worthy or are the exception to this idea of having gifts to offer, you are wrong! What is it that you are most passionate about? What problem do you wish you could solve? What are you best at doing? Think of these things and see the ways that you have been gifted. There are some fruits of the spirit listed in Romans 12:5-8.

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