Day 114 July 8th

My morning run was hot! I was soaked in sweat when I returned!I need to start getting up earlier to get my run in so it is cooler.  Later in the morning I completed a cardio session with my fitness group live. Boy that was rough! Burpee tuck jumps are no joke! 

I am disappointed this week with Bridgetown! They have not posted any Bridgetown Dailys. I really look forward to those. But I still have my other readings I do. Today the one that really spoke to me was my devo on the Bible App. “Priceless: Who I am when I Feel…” Today was When I Feel Abandoned…I’m Wanted by God.”  This is so good for anyone to hear. The fact is that because we are fallen we are now broken and hurting people and as a result, we are going to hurt each other. This is a huge disappointment when we really need someone and they let us down. This happens again and again. What are we to do when we just feel so abandoned and alone? Although people make mistakes, God doesn’t. He will not leave you nor forsake you, because he doesn’t want to! He wants to be your companion, someone who never leaves your side and someone you can always trust. 

Today was a bit frustrating.  We were supposed to be working on moving everything back upstairs but we had a bit of a snag.  Something went wrong when I was changing a light fixture and now there is no electricity in three of the rooms. 😦  I called up my awesome cousin who is an electrician, and he was on facetime with me for over two hours trying to help walk me through what to do and we ended up with me needing to call someone who could actually come look at it.  My cousin lives in another state so he is not an option. I was so grateful he was willing to take the time out of his day to help. It was a huge blessing even though we did not get the problem resolved.  It will be Monday before the other guy can come out. This whole issue took up a big part of the day. 

After dealing with the electric, we had the guy come for a furnace and air quote and then I spent a good amount of time bagging up all the scraps and trash from the carpet guy and the tons of cardboard boxes that we had. 

I was so busy today that I forgot to stop and watch the governor’s address. Nancy watched it and said there was nothing too new other than an emphasis on the rise in cases and hospitalizations across the state.  Schools have still not released any information about the start of the school year. Everything feels so confusing right now and uncertain. I am not sure that anyone knows what to do or what decisions to make with the cases ramping up. I do know that all districts are being pressured by the president to get kids back in school no matter what or they can lose funding.  Educators are on edge and worried about the teachers and staff in the buildings. I feel that there will be a shortage of teachers within a month of starting school due to illness. Our school in particular, always has issues getting subs. I can’t imagine keeping up with the sickness that we will see in the staff now.  Things are going to get crazy! 

This evening my dad called me to tell me about a new show he saw that was premiering tonight and he thought I might like it due to working out and working so hard on house projects and such. It is called “Tough as Nails”.  Boy he was right! I had the whole family sit down and watch the two hour premiere! We all liked it and the kids kept discussing if I would be able to do what the people on the show were doing.  So far, I very much could do it! So after the show I checked in to how to apply to be on the show! LOL 

Final thoughts and challenge:  There are times when I feel abandoned. Actually more often than I should probably. Even though I am married and have three children and have two other adults living with me, I feel alone.  Some of this is because I am let down by others and some is from me being such a highly productive person and not many in my house can keep up with me so I am often left to do most things by myself. Either way, I am so thankful to have the Lord to turn to. I keep my relationship as top priority and communicate with Him constantly in order to know I am not alone. 

Are you experiencing abandonment? Are you looking for some relief? Don’t give up! Remember people will let you down, they will hurt your feelings and this will happen all of our days but there is an escape from that. You can turn to the Lord to be by your side and to walk you through life day in and day out. He will never leave you or turn His back on you. Just talk to Him and lean on Him for your comfort. 

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