Day 115 July 9th

I was up earlier this morning and the plan was to ride my bike to the city building to get stickers for the trash first thing. Their recording said they opened at 7:00 but that was not the case! So to kill time I rode to a local park. It’s a beautiful park right off of a path in the woods and has a small pond. I stopped here and laid on the dock while I spent some time with the Lord. 

The sounds of the jumping fish, croaking frogs and singing birds was so wonderful. The sun was hidden behind the trees so it was still cool in the shade. As I lay there I just prayed to the Lord about a personal issue I’m dealing with and felt such peace. 

To continue in my worship, I decided to take a quick run on the wooded path. My Fitbit died and I took my air pods out and just went. It was amazing! I felt so free, not worried about my pace or distance and not distracted by the noise of my music or podcast. It was just me, the trees, the sun and God. I am so grateful I had this opportunity! The Lord really loves us! He gives us gifts in the best and unexpected ways! 

My peace and stillness was broken up with my back and shoulder workout when I returned! Boy that was rough! There were more tears today! These workouts are really pushing me to be stronger:) After the workout my cousin and the girls came to swim (and she worked out some too!). It was nice to sit down with her and spend time together. I love that we live so close to each other and have the same mindset on things and that we are those neighbors that just show up and walk in (when there is no COVID).  We do social distance and are not currently going into each other’s houses but we see each other almost every day! 

After visiting, Aaron and I started the trim in Addie’s room. We waited on her trim for a couple of reasons but now it is all done and her room looks great! She is super excited! We still did not get the kids all moved back in yet. We were holding off for the electrician but he cannot make it until Monday so we will just start moving stuff tomorrow. We are not going to reach our goal of having everything done this week but there were some special moments during the week so far that make it worth being behind! 

Final thoughts and challenge: This morning did not go as planned but I took a different direction than I normally do. Typically if I have time to kill I will find the most productive thing to do as possible to fill the time. I actually had thought of this as soon as I realized I had about 35 minutes extra. I thought about working in my personal training class, or listening to a podcast to make me a better trainer or school counselors or wife, I even thought about finishing up my online grocery shopping but something told me to take advantage of the time and just rest and find a peaceful place. I am so glad I did! I think I will try this more often, it is like a treat to myself! 

How about you? Can you find those little times during the day that were unexpectedly extra and treat yourself? Maybe grab a coffee and sit in your car and listen to your favorite song, or swing by a local path and walk for 10 minutes or even lock yourself in your bedroom and sit and breathe and pray? 

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