Day 116 July 10th

It was another hot one today! My run was rough and I only planned 2 miles but because I was struggling I pushed myself for an extra half mile:) I also completed the leg and glute workout with my fitness group. Both of these workouts caused a downpour of sweat! It was hot and humid! Addie watched me complete my leg workout and was commentating the whole time, repeating everything my trainer was saying to keep us motivated. I must have really looked like I was struggling because at one point she asked me “mommy, are you sure this is good for you?” LOL!! I then explained all of the health benefits of weight lifting and working out and told her that I will be able to do anything physical they want to do and would probably outlast them at it! She agreed! After my workout she was so amazed at the amount of sweat that she took my picture! 🙂 

My conversation with God this morning (and over the last several days) has been about returning to work with my students. In the midst of all this chaos it is going to be so important that I am someone and something stable in my students lives. I have been praying that God will mentally and emotionally prepare me to help my students in any way He needs me to. I want to enter the school year with confidence and excitement rather than fear and hesitation. However our district decides to do school this year, I pray that I am willing and ready to be on the front lines and do my job to the best of my ability without holding back! 

Today I picked up my cousin’s car to borrow to try to do Walmart pickup but they had some issues with their site that did not allow me to do so. So instead I went to Menards.  While I had the car we got a call from the auto shop (finally!!) and they gave us the diagnosis and the price! Way more than I expected but we are grateful that we had put some money in savings for an event like this! He said we should have our car back by tomorrow or Monday at the latest! We are so excited! I am just glad to not have to bother my cousin anymore or ride my bike everywhere lol! 

After returning the car Aaron and I worked on finishing Addie’s closet! It turned out great! After hanging her blinds her room is now 100% complete, other than moving in the remainder of furniture.  We are still working on getting the stuff back in the rooms. We worked a little late upstairs so the kids got to stay up later as well. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I can only imagine how different my job is going to be this year. The majority of my job requires in person meetings and many times emotional students. I am curious how this will be impacted by distancing and face masks and such. I pray I am able to still make emotional connections with my students, despite the dehumanizing procedures and guidelines. 

Has your job been affected by COVID in a way that makes it hard to do your full job? How have you handled this? Are you still able to have a passion for what you do with all the restrictions?

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