Day 117 July 11th

This morning I tried something new! I completed my long run without tracking my pace and distance and I did not listen to anything! It was so peaceful and enjoyable! I spent most of my run praying and enjoying all the sounds of nature around me. I also saw lots of wildlife running around and flying! I thought this would be really hard for me mentally, to keep going, but it really wasn’t. I am glad I tried it and may start doing this more often! 

While running and praying I asked God who needed prayer and as I ran random people in my life kept popping in my head. People that I would not have thought to pray for normally. As I prayed for them I had specific things come to mind that I prayed. It was so cool to have this opportunity and to really spend time thinking and praying for a specific person.  I also spent quite a bit of time praying for my own struggles. Specifically one area of my life I am having a hard time changing, and I asked God why I am afraid to change this area and asked him to show me where to begin the healing! 

When I got back I did have my God time and enjoyed my reading but I was really mostly thankful for the awesome time I had with the Lord during my run. The kids joined me on the porch while I was having my God time and they noticed an ant carrying a piece of something. As we watched, we noticed other ants coming toward him, before we knew it a few other ants joined the one and started helping him carry the small piece. This led us to a great conversation about noticing when someone needs help and using teamwork to accomplish something. I am always excited when things like this happen so I can insert a life lesson for the kids! 🙂 

Today was graduation day! I had to be there at noon to help set up. Right around 10:45 the auto shop called and said our car was ready!! So instead of biking to pick up my cousin’s car, I rushed to the auto shop to get ours. I went as fast as I could so I wouldn’t be late getting to the venue for graduation. 

When I returned, the kids were all sitting on the porch and started cheering when I pulled in! They were so excited to have our car back because this meant we could plan our trip to Michigan to play outside at my moms and enjoy the pool and the golf cart she got the grandkids. They have been waiting to do this since Addie’s little birthday gathering at the park a few weeks ago.  We also were waiting for about 2 weeks to go up since my mom, step dad and grandpa had to fly to Florida. We want to be sure they did not contract the virus. This Friday will be 2 weeks and we are planning to go up Wednesday, so hopefully they will be feeling well still! 

Graduation was an interesting experience! Only the kids were allowed to attend. The Coliseum had all the chairs spaced 6 feet apart and it took up the whole arena just for their seating.  Everyone wore masks at all times. As the kids arrived we made sure they had their “class of 2020” masks that we provided them and had them sanitize their hands before entering the arena.  They were told once they sat in their seat they could not get up. The kids were really great! They listened, followed all the rules and did not complain.  During the ceremony it was so quiet. I have never been to a more quiet graduation then this one. It was kind of sad actually! It seemed very anticlimactic for them but I think overall they were grateful to have an actual ceremony. While social distancing was pretty easy to do inside the building, all the parents and family were waiting outside in the parking lot watching the ceremony live, so as the kids were escorted out of the building there was a flood of people and hundreds of people congregating.  So I wore my mask to walk to my car! It was not a good situation but I got out quick so I wouldn’t have any issues! 

When I returned home we decided to enjoy the evening at the park with our cousins. I had each kid pack a dinner for themselves and grab their suits and towels and we headed out. It was a warm evening but the breeze made it the perfect temperature! The kids had a blast swimming and building in the sand.  The adults visited and enjoyed each other’s company. On the way home we went through the drive thru and grabbed some small ice cream cones for the kids and brought them back to the house to enjoy! We had a very nice and relaxing evening together with great friends all while distancing! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I was thinking today about my run and how I went outside of my routine to try something new with my run. I think routine and consistency is crucial to stay sane in life but I am seeing that within your routine you can change things up a bit and still see results and might even find something that works even better or that you enjoy more. I don’t want to get so rigid with my routine that I miss out on something more! 

Do you have routines in your life that you could afford to try something new just because? Maybe changing it up could be the start of something new for you or at very least add some excitement to your normalcy! Give it a try! 

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