Day 118 July 12th

Today was my rest day!! My body is rejoicing! I took a walk this morning to wake up my body and was searching for something to listen to and then decided I was just enjoying the songs from the birds so I finished the walk just listening to nature. It was relaxing! Although today was a rest day, I did plenty of work getting things back in order upstairs but at least my body rested from running and weights.

In my Mockingbird Devotional today there was a statement that stood out to me that I dwelled on for a bit. It said “often we believe that our despair is faithlessness, and that faithlessness means God must be angry with us”. I think about the times I have had little faith and I really did think that God must be upset with me for doubting him but that is not the case. As the author explains, Jesus tells us not to fear- that he has overcome faithless despair. When we doubt, He is there to hold us and tell us “do not fear” rather than to condemn us or be angry with us. He is such a God of grace and mercy! I am thankful! 

Yesterday we decided the kids needed a break from screens so they were told they could not be on a screen all day. There were many tears, fits and pleading from them on Friday night when we gave them a heads up that this would start Saturday.  This morning, two of my children (at different times) rolled out of bed and came downstairs with sad looks on their faces. Parker was first. I asked why he was down and he proclaimed it was going to be a bad day because he couldn’t’ play video games. Then Alaina came down and had a very angry face. When I asked her she started this whole day it would be boring and there is no point to it. She sat in the chair and said she was just going to sit there for the whole day. Obviously she didn’t do that and I pointed out how much more boring that would be rather than playing with toys.  After the initial frustration, they ended up doing very well.  

This morning I told them they could have an hour of video games today. They were so excited! If I would have told them this a couple of days ago they would have been upset and begging for more time! So I consider this a success! 🙂 I explained that we need to do less screen time and more time doing other things.  It has been easy to slip into letting them play more lately because of all the house work we have been doing but now they need to stop! 🙂 

Today we focused mostly on getting Alaina’s room set up and that took most of the afternoon.  I did try to work on the electrical issue again just to see if I could figure it out but quickly gave up again. For dinner we enjoyed eating together on the front porch.  It was a nice evening and not too hot.  

All evening Addie was struggling. She kept saying she felt really sad even during times that should be fun. She is really missing her friends and family again and she said she just wishes this was all over and she doesn’t think she can do this much longer. I sat and held her as Aaron explained he understood and felt the same way. It was clear that she just needed to get out and have some mom time. I invited her to go on a bike ride to get a donut and check out the dock I found at the park tomorrow morning. She perked right up and was excited at the opportunity! So that is what we will do in the morning. 

Final thoughts and challenge: A few days ago I was focused on trying to listen to God’s prompting in my life and I felt that again tonight.  By offering to take Addie out in the morning, I knew I would be giving up my running time and the time I usually have to myself for exercise and my God time but I really felt like she needed it badly. So I will give those things up for a day in order to provide her with what she needs and I will try very hard not to beat myself up for not getting it just right tomorrow. 

What do you feel you are prompted to do that might be a bit uncomfortable or inconvenience you a little?  Are you or have you ignored that nudge?  How can you listen better so that you can experience the blessing in being obedient? 

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