Day 119 July 14th

This morning I made a small change in my routine.  Instead of running, I took a 5 mile bike ride with Addie. She has been struggling and really needed time with me so we headed out for some alone time! We stopped first at the donut shop to find out that they are not open every day. So we came up with plan B and that was to grab a breakfast snack at the gas station. This was a stretching to me since I had not been in a gas station since we started isolating. We both had masks and we stayed clear of others. She chose Poptarts, and I bit my tongue and allowed it. After picking our snacks we rode to the park where I found the dock. We sat on the dock for about a half hour enjoying nature and talking. Addie shared her future dreams with me and she had so much joy about her. I could tell she was so happy to be out of the house and be with her mom!

She shared with me that she has plans to travel with her cousin Emma. They plan to travel around the world and Emma will land in England where she would like to live and Addie will land in Australia, where she will live and work with the wildlife. She plans to visit home often and then maybe move around every few years to experience new countries. I could see her relax and her eyes light up as she talked about her plans. I encouraged her to do these things and told her about studying abroad when she is in college and offered to take her and her cousins on trips when they become teens. She said she wants to get a job as soon as possible so she can start saving her money to do all the things she wants to do. My heart was so blessed by our time, I can’t even explain! 

I did wonder, as we talked, if things would be any different around the time she would begin to travel and make college plans. This is about 7 years away, will life be fully back to normal then? Will we still be facing the fall out of this pandemic? How long until we get our life back? I fought these thoughts and just focused on supporting her dreams and being in the moment. Everything will work out…it always does! 

When we returned I completed my leg and glute workout just before the electrician showed up to save the day. After about 50 minutes and $175 later, he came down and said he had it fixed. And what was the problem? Well there was a wire that was apparently in Parker’s light fixture (which I installed on the same night Alaina’s stopped working) there was a white wire that did not get put together with the other white wire in the light! UGH!!! So I cost us the repair! I didn’t even see that wire! Oh well…it is fixed and we are excited! 

For the remainder of the day we worked in bedrooms, relaxed as a family with grape juice slushies and homemade bbq pizza and made up dessert pizza and spent time with our cousins. It was a pretty low key day overall.  In the evening the first school in our county came out with their back to school plan.  Basically they will allow students to make the choice to attend in person or online for the first semester and they will not be requiring masks. I am anxiously awaiting the plans for the school we work at and the kids school! 

Final thoughts and challenge: On Sunday night I decided I would take each of the kids separately this week on the bike ride with me to the donut shop and the dock. I had to mentally prepare myself to do this and to be intentional about scheduling it so I didn’t get distracted with my own agenda to get my exercises in instead. Since the donut shop has limited hours I plan to take the other two on Friday and Saturday. I know they need this time and honestly I do too! 

Who do you need to make time for in your life right now? Can you let something go in your schedule just for one day to make them feel special and loved?

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