Day 120 July 14th

I woke up starting my 38th year of life! It’s my birthday! I very much struggle on my birthday most years but today turned out to be different. I like to stick to my routine on my birthday so I headed out the door for my run 4 mile run. As soon as I walked out I saw the most beautiful set up on my small porch table out front. My cousin had stopped by very early and arranged her gifts to me! I had tears in my eyes! It was complete with freshly baked, mostly clean pumpkin chocolate chip scones, fresh home brewed cold brew coffee and a beautifully wrapped present. I felt so loved and it was the perfect start to my special day but this was only the beginning! 

After my run I completed my workout and as I was having my God time my cousin showed up with her girls to visit for a bit. So I opened my gift from her and I jumped out of my chair! She got me the 2020 version of my running shoes! I was so excited! I had not even told her that I needed new shoes. Mine had been through a marathon already and many miles! They are starting to wear down. She knows me so well and I am so blessed by her! 

After visiting with her, Nancy informed me that I didn’t need to worry about lunch and that it would arrive between 11 and 12.  She had groceries delivered with all the foods I love! We made this into a small backyard birthday party! It included angel food cake, strawberries and whipped cream to top off the meal. After lunch I opened all my wonderful gifts from everyone. The kids always give me such thoughtful gifts but I wasn’t sure about the pickle mug! LOL. Parker was so proud of himself for picking it out for me and said he thought I would think it was funny, and he was right! Alaina got me a tank top and Addie got me a charging bank and keychain cord for my phone! Aaron got me the bike accessories I requested and Nancy got me a cute solar powered apple for my tiny garden:) 

When we finished up the gifts I was ready to get my free Starbucks drink so we biked 7 miles one way to get it! I love earning my Starbucks! LOL. We actually went to the store but it was closed early due to COVID so we had to go into Meijer to go to that Starbucks. Other than having to pick up my groceries early on during Isolation I have not been in a grocery store so it was interesting! When I returned Nancy had another surprise waiting for me, she ordered me a beautiful fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements. It was so yummy and it lasted maybe 5 minutes! 🙂 

In the evening we spent some more time out back and then I decided I wanted Mexican food for my birthday. I usually choose this because I don’t get it often due to Aaron not really liking it. So we decided to try a small place in a tiny Amish town nearby and took it to a park to eat. The kids were allowed to play, which they enjoyed and I got to devour some authentic steak tacos and freshly made guacamole! It was wonderful! To finish the night with a bang, on the way home we grabbed some ice cream from a local ice cream shop and brought it home and enjoyed it on the porch together! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I can honestly say this was the best birthday since being an adult! Who knew a covid birthday would be the best! We were discussing as a family and we realized that Aaron, Addie and now my birthday have all been the best during this time.  I honestly think it is the simplicity.  One thing that I did reflect on and struggled with during the day was allowing others to love on me and show their appreciation for me. It was non-stop love and care! My mother and sister in law knew exactly how to bless me, by helping with healthy meals and taking care of some cleaning and such. My cousin just poured her love out for me and it was so hard to accept her amazing gifts because I don’t feel I deserve them.  Honestly my plan for my birthday was to hope that no one noticed it was my birthday and have the day be as normal as can be but that did not happen in the slightest! I am pretty proud of myself for sitting back and relaxing and letting others bless me! I could not do it every day but once a year is okay I guess. 

Do you struggle with letting others take care of you and bless you? Why is that? As I reflected I realized I am a very prideful person. I feel I am weak if I accept help or allow others to do something nice for me but that is not the case. When we do something like that we are denying other people the opportunity to bless someone, and many people like to do that! Reflect and see what is stopping you from allowing others to love on you!

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