Day 121 July 15th

I was up extra early this morning packing and loading up the car to spend the day in Michigan! We planned a get together at my mom’s house and we were outside all day long. My sister and her family were there, from Minisota and I have not gotten to see her so it worked out perfectly! 

I ended up waiting to do my run and workout until I got there.  Addie, Aaron and I met my sister Brianna, at a local market with outdoor seating so she could have some one-on-one time with her since she missed her birthday gathering. While they sat and chatted I ran my 2 miles and then joined them.  They all had donuts but I brought one of my lovely homemade scones that I got on my birthday! It was so much better than any donut! After our visit we headed back to my moms where most of the kids joined me for the cardio workout! It was within minutes that I was left alone but it was fun while it lasted. 

The day was so nice! We just hung out in the shade and visited while the kids swam and played all day. The boys got to shoot BB Guns with their grandpa and girls loved taking care of the babies during the day.  The sisters and my mom had our book club meeting in person. We usually do this virtually so it was nice to be together for once.  After awhile we decided to play volleyball. I love volleyball! I played for many years and in college and then coached a few teams and played in a few leagues.  It is so fun playing with my sisters…some of them I coached:) 

In the evening, my step-dad was so nice and grilled for all of us and we had some sides and we enjoyed dinner together. Then my mom surprised me with a birthday cake! More birthday celebration!

Final thoughts and challenge: It was so nice to see everyone again today and have a gathering where things felt semi normal again. There were a few differences than normal such as we wore masks when we went into my grandma’s house to use the bathroom and we stayed out of the house the whole time but it turned out to be super fun to spend the entire day outside! I could do this every day! I was very grateful that my family was willing to do this at our request and didn’t give us a hard time about it or anything! I felt very loved! We were not able to social distance as much as I would have liked but I do think it is nearly impossible with so many young kids. I am praying we all stay well! 

Have you had any opportunities to do things that make you feel human again? Things that you used to be able to do but maybe with a few modifications? Try to connect with family or a friend…it is so good for the soul!

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