Day 122 July 16th

Today I woke up excused and I even slept in! I forced myself to run 2 miles and they were super slow and so hard to do! I didn’t have it in me to do my workout. For most of the day I thought I was just tired from all the activity yesterday and then being in the sun all day and getting little sleep but as the day went on it was clear that my body was fighting something off. 

After running I quickly got the kids around, they had a dentist appointment. This appointment was the first for them since we started quarantine.  When we got there we had to call before going in and then we had to have our temperature taken and then wore masks the whole time, other than when they were getting their teeth cleaned.  We had all good news for the checkups! 

By time we finished it was well past lunchtime so Aaron suggested we grab lunch and eat at the park. I took the opportunity to get Chic-Fil-A! I missed it! It was so yummy but Addie and I got stomach aches pretty much right away 😦 It was actually pretty cold and it started to rain so our visit was short and sweet. 

After we got home, Aaron started not feeling well and ended up having a fever. We also had learned that one of the cousins was up in the middle of the night throwing up. Addie’s stomach started hurting as well. I was still feeling lethargic and tried to work on catching up on my blog but just couldn’t get it done.  We were a little concerned with Aaron’s symptoms but by the end of the evening I talked to my family and almost everyone had stomach sickness, some with fever and some without. We tried to figure out if it was something we all ate or a virus. I think we landed on it being a virus since pretty much all of us had it and we couldn’t pinpoint a food that we all ate.  

I am embarrassed to say that most of the evening was me laying around, Aaron sleeping and the kids playing video games or watching shows. I hate that we had to do this but I didn’t have anything in me to give! Nancy and Sarah were so sweet and took care of dinner for me. They knew something was wrong when they saw me napping. When I woke up they joked that they know that we are nearing the end of time because I actually napped. Sarah even took a picture of the once in a lifetime event. I really struggle with napping, for some reason I have told myself I am weak if I take a nap. (Not a healthy thought I know!)

After we got the kids to bed we both collapsed in bed as well! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I felt pretty horrible today for several reasons. First, I felt weak. I do not do well when I feel weak. When my productivity is taken from me, I tend to freak out. It is only when I am ill that I struggle because I cannot physically force my body to do what I want or need it to do. It is the most helpless feeling! I hate it so much. Secondly, I have a hard time listening to my body when it is telling me to slow down and rest. I did break down today because of these things, especially when I found out Nancy and Sarah saw me napping. I was so embarrassed that I had to sleep and that they felt I needed help with dinner (although I was so grateful!) I think overall it is a pride issue and it is something I need to work on! 😦 

How do you do when your body is telling you to stop or slow down and rest? Is this hard for you to accept? Are you prideful when it comes to accepting help? How do you handle these feelings?

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