Day 124 July 18th

This morning I turned my alarm off and just slept until my body got me up! I planned to take today as a rest day instead of tomorrow since I have been feeling sick for a couple of days. My goal is to be rested up for tomorrow so I can do my long run and have all the energy I need for the week ahead for my workouts and runs! I am so longing to be back to my normal routine and have enough strength to keep moving forward in my training! I am also excited because my trainer will be back from vacation so we will start up our live workouts again:) 

While I was relaxing and spending time with God I listened to my book for the book club I have with my mom and sisters. We are reading “It’s Not Supposed to be this Way” by Lysa Terkeurst. There are several things I do not agree with in the book but she makes a great analogy from when Adam and Eve found out they were naked and became ashamed to now when we are naked and ashamed with who we are. In the garden, God created Adam and Eve and according to Genesis they were naked and unashamed, until Satan came along in Genesis 3, and told them otherwise. After they sinned and they were talking to God about it, God asked them in verse 11, “who told you you were naked?”. 

Lysa asks this question about herself and to us. As we believe all things that we are told from others and forget what God tells us about who we are, He asks us “who told you you were naked?” In other words, who told you all those lies? Who told you that your value is less than what I told you it was? Who told you that being naked is shameful? 

This struck me this morning because I have been believing some of the past lies that I have been told and it is starting to affect my view of myself. I need to focus on who God tells me I am, not what others tell me. I must decide who has influence over my life. 

The kids woke up around the same time as I did this morning and seemed to be feeling better, no fevers! However within about 20 minutes Parker was laying in the hallway crying and thought he was going to be sick and his stomach was hurting. On the other hand Alaina was almost hyperactive because she was feeling so much better. She was a chatterbox and was so excited to feel back to normal. She requested a huge breakfast because she was starving. So I granted her request! We enjoyed a large breakfast, although she was only able to eat a quarter of what was on her plate. Addie also felt better and I had a little more energy! 

We started school shopping today. The kids agree it is not as much fun to do this online but they enjoyed picking their stuff out. I was thinking of holding off just in case something changed with school but I am sure they will use the stuff regardless, plus I get a discount at Target for being an educator:) I have seen that many people are going to homeschool for this year due to Covid.  We feel that the kids’ school will do their best to keep the kids safe and it doesn’t really matter because Aaron and I will be back in the school anyway so they might as well be at school since we are being exposed. 

We are down to the last couple of weeks of summer break. We would like to do some fun things before heading back but with numbers on the rise, it’s hard to find things we feel safe doing. We are brainstorming!

Other than shopping and laying around I got the yard mowed and then we worked more upstairs on the rooms. It’s coming together slowly but surely. The hardest part is trying to fit everything back up there. Parker ended up feeling better late afternoon so we were all mostly healed! The girls and I went out in the evening to do the Target curbside pickup and then went to the storage unit where they were able to be reunited with their stuffed animals! They were on cloud 9! I can see how rotating toys is an great strategy:)

Final thoughts and challenge: As I went through the day today I tried to be mindful of the lies I was telling myself and then would ask ”what does God say about me?”. 

Let me ask you, what lies are you telling yourself or are you believing from others? What does God say about you? Who are you allowing to have the power over you in this way? You don’t have to let them rule over you and your thoughts!

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