Day 125 July 19th

I was able to do my long run this morning! I didn’t get up right when I wanted to, but I got to sleep in a bit and still get my 6 miles in. I didn’t feel great but I could tell I was on the mend! 

Today I listened to our church’s sermon by Pastor Nate. He asked the question “How is your heart?” In past sermons we have been talking about Solomon in 1 Kings. In 1 Kings 11 it explains how Solomon was not fully devoted to God as David, his father was. We also see in this passage that he had many wives and his wives led him astray. He started worshiping false Gods and even though God blessed him more than any other King, he wanted more. At this point God said he was going to take his power away and give it to his son. 

After Solomon realized he was going to die and he saw how badly he messed up, he wrote down some words of wisdom for the next generation in order that they would not make the same mistakes as he did and end up where he was. In Proverbs 4:23- he tells us to guard our heart because it determines the course of your life, in Ecclesiastes 9:9 he tells us to live happily with the woman you love, the wife God gives you is your reward for all earthly toiles. Also in Ecclesiastes 12:1 he instructs us to Honor God in our youth so we won’t grow old and say life is not pleasant anymore. Many of Solomon’s writings were focused on the heart. He slowly started having a divided heart through his reign and became discontent with serving the one true God.

The lesson learned is to strive to have a heart that is fully devoted and united with God. In Psalm 119 it teaches us how to do this and shows us what a fully devoted heart looks like and from that we can see the characteristics of a divided heart.  A divided heart is unhappy, wandering, selfish and inconsistent.  

Other than my run this morning I took it easy today.  We worked on Parker’s room and cleaned up the house as a family, the inside is a bit neglected due to other projects being the priority. Aaron and I moved more furniture upstairs and hung up Parker’s decorations and installed his pod chair. His room is really looking cool! 

This afternoon Aaron and I had some time together on the porch and as a storm rolled in the kids came out to join us. We enjoy watching storms from the porch. We moved inside once the lighting was close. Later in the evening the sky was amazing! The whole outside was shaded pink and the sky was beautiful. I tried to get a good picture but my camera did it no justice!

At bedtime I read with Parker for a little bit and then he requested I sing him a couple of songs. He has been asking for this again the last few nights. We tuck each kid in together every single night and then we pray with them. Up until about a year ago we also would sing them several songs and they slowly seemed to grow out of it. But it seems that it is starting to become popular again! Even the girls request that I sing to them. Among the songs we would sing are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Thomas the Train Theme Song”, our version of “In the Jungle” and a few others. 

Of all the songs we would sing, the number one song requested is a song they have never even heard played in person or on the radio. It is a song I learned when I was a teenager and I attempted to be in the church choir. It is called “Jesus, There’s Just Something About That Name”. This song would comfort them anytime they were upset or wanting to calm down for sleep.  I love that they recognized that the name of Jesus was one of the most comforting things. I know it was not because of my voice because I have zero singing ability! So as Parker had been requesting this song the last few nights, my heart is full and filled with excitement to sing it to him once again! I pray this is a song that will stay in his heart for years to come! 

Today we had the highest number of Covid cases yet for Indiana, we almost hit 1,000. I am wondering what plans the governor is making in regards to moving to the next stage. I am also anxiously awaiting the back to school plan for the district where Aaron and I work. I trust the Lord will work all things out! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I reflected today on the question “how is your heart”. I compared my heart to the symptoms of a divided heart, unhappy, wandering, selfish and inconsistent.  Although I can honestly say I am seeking God continually, I still struggle with these things. I am easily divided and daily, sometimes hourly, I have to go back to God to refocus my thoughts and align my goals with what He wants for me. 

What about you? How is your heart? Take a look at Psalms 119 and see how beautiful life can be when we just commit to align our heart with God’s and strive to have a fully devoted heart.

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