Day 126 July 20th

I was feeling much more energetic today! I was able to get a run and my workout in:) I think things are getting back to normal! In another 2 weeks I will need to start my school year routine. It basically is the same but my day starts about 2 to 3 hours earlier. This means I need to get to bed earlier as well. This is always a hard transition so I am hoping to make it smoother this year. 

Today it seemed many of the devotional things I read were centered around fear and being real with your fears and trusting God to see you through your worries and concerns.  As I journaled I felt led to face my fears and spell them out in my jornal. Once I got started I realized I have so many more fears than I realized.  I really do trust God with my life and deep down know he will work all things out for good and He will never leave me or forsake me but apparently that does not stop me from worrying. I have not thought about my fears all in one setting before! It was a great experience and I was able to write down what God would say about my fears.  

Today we played monopoly as a family.  This was the highlight of the day. 🙂  It was mostly fun….we did have quite a few tears and some of us left the table a couple of times in frustration but overall we made it through the game. It could be awhile before we try that again. LOL!   

Aaron started bringing things back from storage., the kids watched a movie, Alaina made slime and a huge mess and I made zucchini brownies. It was a good day! 

Final thoughts and challenge: It was such a hard thing to do to admit my fears but so freeing to do so! 

I encourage you to do the same! Just start writing and see what comes out! Then one by one look through them and see what God would tell you about them. Are they rational? Are you making the situation better by worrying about it?  What can you do to rid yourself of the fear that is hanging over your head and maybe even holding you back?

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