Day 127 July 21st

It was another morning with a run and cardio workout. It feels so good to be feeling well again! I’m so grateful! 

As I walked back from my run, Parker saw me from the porch and joined me for the rest of my cool down walk, PJ’s and all! He’s always so full of questions and interested in the world around him in the morning! I love his desire to learn how the world around him works. I also enjoy the one on one time we get in the mornings. It has not been as frequent because he has been sleeping in later but that will change because we will be retraining them in the next week or two to get them back on the school schedule. They always love that! LOL 

During my God time today I focused on the Bridgetown Daily from yesterday. There were several reflection questions that were asked that were so good. I spent time journaling and answering them all. This was such a helpful exercise and helped me to see where I am and what God would say to me about it. The questions were: 

  1. Where does it hurt? What this week caused you pain? What does God want to say to you about it? 
  2. Where are you tired? Physically, emotionally, spiritually, relationally? What does God want to say to you about it? 
  3. Where are you anxious? What has unsettled you this week or thinking about next week? What does God want to say to you about it? 
  4. Where do you need God to intervene? Where have you held vigil for so long but just can’t take it anymore? What does God want to say to you about it? 
  5. What went really well this week that needs to be celebrated between you and the Lord? What does God want to say to you about it? 
  6. What is something that God might be saying that you might be missing? What does God want to say about it?

Today we worked really hard to put the finishing touches in Parker’s room! He is beyond excited! I think it turned out to be pretty cute and well worth the time and effort spent. I told the kids that I want them to have a place in the house where they feel they can relax and just get super comfy since we will be spending a lot of time at home, even after school starts. I think it is important to feel good about your living space. A couple weeks ago we were coming back from being at the park or something and the kids started talking about how they were ready to be home and described our home as a place they feel really safe and somewhere they want to be. I was so blessed by this since not all kids feel this way about their home! I think it is so healthy for them to love home! 

Final thoughts and challenge: I really benefited from answering the questions above.  Although some of the process was painful, I really enjoyed spending the time to reflect on my thoughts and feelings. 

Can you take about 15 to 20 minutes out of your day to slow down and answer these questions? You can do it on your own or listen to the podcast and do it. I think if you do this, you will be surprised at what the answers are!

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