Day 128 July 22nd

This morning looked a little different than my typical mornings and today was a busy day compared to the last 127 days! I took a quick, short walk before heading back home. 

Addie had a super early doctor appointment for her 11 year check up and her school shots.  I took the opportunity to make it into a coffee date as well:) I love when I get a chance at some alone time with the kids. 

As we entered the building there was a lady waiting there to greet us with a list of about 15 screening questions. We answered no to all questions and were permitted to enter and were asked to take our screening paper with us. As we approached the suit where Addie’s doctor was located, there was another station to pass though, this time it was easier because we just needed to hand him our paper. From there he walked us to the office and went in before allowing us in to be sure there was enough space for us to wait and social distance. We checked in and then stood as we waited. Addie and I decided it was best not to sit in the chairs and touch them. The receptionist that checked us in came around the counter to sanitize the area where we checked in before seeing the next patient. 

Once we were in the room everything went smoothly. Addie had a great check up. She actually had to fill out a mental wellness screening, and the doc said she would do this every year now. It asked her questions about depression and suicide.  One question asked “have you been feeling down or sad?” The options were never, once in a while, several times a week and every day. Addie said, “well duh! We are in quarantine during the Coronavirus, of course I am sad and feel down most days”. 😦 She did indicate that on her paper but thankfully she said no to all other questions and even asked why someone would want to take their life, especially since they don’t know what excitement their future would hold. I love her innocence, but we did discuss this. These are the hardest parts of watching my kids grow up. Little by little they are forced to lose their free, unconcerned, no worry spirit.

After the appointment we headed to Starbucks, the first one we stopped at was temporarily closed due to the virus apparently. So we went to another location. There I was able to wear my mask to run in and grab our mobile order and they allowed us to sit at the outdoor tables. I love these coffee dates with Addie because she is at the age that there is always something she wants to talk about and it is deep stuff! I have learned that, as parents, we need to give our children the space and time to ask questions and create intentional opportunities for them.  So, although I am not great at this, I do try as much as possible to find ways to make this happen! As a result of today’s coffee date, Addie has a plan to face an issue she is having and feels the confidence to do so! 

After our coffee date Aaron and I had eye doctor appointments. So Nancy was so kind to watch the kids so we could go without them. After our appointments we decided to have a nice quiet lunch together. He grabbed 5 guys and I got some Chipotle, enough to share with the kids:) It was raining so we just went to a trailhead and sat in the car. We did not have much time because Aaron and Parker had hair cuts scheduled with Aaron’s barber. 

While Aaron and Parker were gone, the girls made slime and I finally got my workout in. After, the girls and I went upstairs to start the final touches in their rooms. We are still waiting on the desks so we were not able to get everything done. 

It was like meeting new people when the guys returned! They looked so good with their fresh cuts! It was way overdue for both of them. Parker was not too happy when we told him he had to get his cut because he worked so hard to grow it out but after it was done, he was feeling how much cooler it was and really liked the style he chose. He said he wants to go to school now so his friends can see! 🙂 

Final thoughts and challenge: If I am being honest I really struggled today. I was combating so many thoughts and feelings. I am becoming more stressed about the kids returning to school, us going back to work and the family not being together all the time any more. I also get so stressed when my routine is shaken. I look forward to my morning routine and when I have to change it up, it throws my whole day and mood off. I feel like I did a good job maintaining a positive attitude until about late afternoon. From then into the evening I just felt off and a little depressed. I think it is just the process of once again learning a new normal for living life. 

Do you feel that during this time it is so easy to go in and out of feeling content and then feeling like everything is falling apart?  If you have children, are you concerned about them returning to school or if you are an educator, are you concerned for yourself? How are you handling the stress of the new changes and entering yet another realm of the unknown?

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