Day 129 July 23rd

It was so hard to get out of bed this morning! I think it was partially because I went to bed so upset and I went to bed kind of late. I was able to pull myself up and get a couple of miles in. I tried to push myself a little and made good time. I wanted to get back in order to have time to take Parker on our bike ride and donut date. 

Parker and I hopped on our bikes and headed for the donut shop. It was a pretty slow moving ride but it was enjoyable to be with him and have casual conversation on the way. The donut selection was so much better this time since we got there earlier. After his milk and donut he decided he could handle going a little further to the park where the dock and trail was. Once we got there we fed the fish, took a walk on the beautiful trail and chased a bunny. 

It was so awesome hanging out with him. It is always so refreshing to watch his curious spirit in action. He was asking questions every few minutes about nature and his surroundings. My favorite is when he admires God’s creation and points it out! He will say something like “wow! God was really amazing to create all these kinds of animals and trees!” Spending a day with him is just what my heart needed. 

When we got back we spent the day working on projects again and the kids played a lot then in the evening took a walk/bike ride as a family. It was a good day of being together!

Final thoughts and challenge: While Parker and I were at the park we had a moment where we sat on the bench hugging each other in tears because Parker realized that our time home together 24/7 as a family is coming to an end. We mourned this together and then talked about the positives in this happening. 

I have been thinking about how returning to school and work for educators is going to present a new issue in mental health. I think some kids will suffer from separation anxiety and many will have a waive of depression and anxiety from being away from home. I have been working with the kids to prepare them for this change. 

How do you think you and your family will respond? Are you all prepared for this new level of change? What are you concerned about in the transition?

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