Day 130 July 25th

We had an early start this morning. I got my run in and then got Parker and Alaina up and ready for their well check. The appointments were before 8:00! The check ups went well. Parker has had some issues growing in the past but he is finally starting to move on the chart. He is in the 30th percentile for both height and weight but he did gain so that was great! Alaina looks great as well. 

After the appointment we walked out to the top of the parking garage because the kids were curious what it looked like. They enjoyed the experience until they looked down the side and then they were ready to head to the car. LOL. Then I took advantage of having just the two and we grabbed them a little breakfast and of course Starbucks again:) I think they both decided the drinks were too sweet and did not finish them. I was pleased with this! They don’t get sugar much so I like when they make good choices to stop consuming it when they feel their body tells them too. 

We took their food and drinks to the park. It was a little busy but I instructed them to stay clear of other kids and not to touch their face. They enjoyed their play time. I made it back home in time to do the live workout with my group and then after completing that I did the kickboxing workout I missed due to taking Parker out to a donut and the park. It was so fun. I completed 3 workouts today and that helped my mood quite a bit! I am sure it is not healthy for me to crave three workouts but it worked for me for today!  After showering, the whole family hung out on the porch for a while while sipping on healthy refreshing smoothies. The girls took turns braiding my hair! They did a great job! 

This afternoon my cousin came over with the girls for a while and relaxed, vented and cried together over ice coffee while the kids swam. It was so nice to have them over again! We were staying away for a little bit just to be sure the bug we had last week was not anything serious. I missed her! 

This evening we went to the drive in movie and saw ET! We are attempting to find a few things to do over the next couple of weeks as a last hurrah for summer. It is so hard to find things to do that we feel safe doing. The kids are so tired of being home! It was really fun to share a classic with the kids. 

Final thoughts and challenge: I was so glad that the extra workouts helped clear my mind today. I feel that I am slowly losing it! I am not sure what is going on but I am grateful I have healthy systems in place to get me through the rough patches. Most importantly I have created space for my God time each day to help rejuvenate my soul, mind and heart. I am not sure what I would do without all of this! 

What do you have in place for those days that you just don’t think you can do it anymore? Do your systems work for you? Can you find some sort of peace during an insane day?

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