Day 135 July 29th

Today was an extra early morning. Today is my first day returning to work. I do not feel ready. I got up extra early to be sure I got my workout in. The Wednesday workout is the hardest in the plan that we are doing so I needed to be sure to have plenty of time. Last week I completed the workout in exactly one hour but I was doing it on my own but this week I used the recording from the live last week and I finished in just under 40 minutes! I also had a couple of new personal bests so I felt pretty good about it. 

I even got up in enough time to get my God time in. This morning in my devotional I gained a very interesting perspective on the famous story of the good samaritan, Luke 10:25-37. The author explained how most of the time the preacher will ask the congregation, which one are you? Are you the Priest who just walks on past the half dead man, the Levite who crosses the road to avoid the dying man or are you the Samaritan who had compassion on the man and helped him? Most people would like to answer correctly and say they are the Good Samaritan but the author challenges us to look deep within and be honest with ourselves. A lot of times we are the dying man in the ditch who waits to be reduced. 

This really struck home with me. I feel that a lot of times I spend my days trying so hard to be the Good Samaritan but deep down I am the one needing to be rescued, not always but sometimes. 

I like to walk to work since it is only a half a block away so this morning I walked. Our official start day is not until August 10th but I have some days I work ahead of time to fix schedules, add new enrollments and be sure everyone is on track for graduation. 

As a school counselor I have so many roles. Not one day is ever the same, not one! That is a big reason I love my job. Each day I wake up and pray that God would prepare my heart for what the day would bring and that I would be at the right place at the right time for the student/coworker who needs me. Some days are calmer than others but I can say every day brings a surprise! I am so blessed to be called to this profession. This school year is going to be the most interesting I have ever experienced. I pray that the time I have spent caring for my mind, body and soul over the past 135 days will pay off and I will have endurance and wisdom for each day that comes.

When I arrived at the school there were not many people back to work yet but most were wearing masks. It is now mandated for the state of Indiana. I was not sure how our school would handle the mandate but so far it seems they are upholding the requirements. This gives me hope that we will do the same when it comes time to enforce the rules with the students. Our school went to only online registration and the families have a choice between in person classes or online.  If they are online they must be present from 7:45-2:55 each day on their iPads. They have until Friday to decide.

Our kids school is not offering this option, it is in person only but they will be assigned small groups or pods of kids that they stick with for contact tracing purposes and in case they have to quarantine, or I should say WHEN, it will lessen the amount of students that have to stay home. I just don’t see how we will make it out of this situation without getting COVID. Sarah also works as a classroom paraprofessional so we have 6 of the 7 people in our family in a school building for 8 plus hours a day 5 days a week…seems probable. 

The kids were beyond excited for me to return home. They missed me and I missed them! We spent some time together on the porch and someone got the idea to put Clause on his walking leash:) 

Addie was invited to an outdoor youth group event that Aaron and I had been contemplating.  We are struggling with deciding this and for a couple of events next week for Alaina, because the very kids that they would be around will be the ones they are next to every day at school, in about two weeks so it is hard to just say no. Because it was outside and she could distance herself we allowed it. 

So I took all the kids along to the park where the event was held. Addie had a blast with the group while Alaina, Parker and I grabbed some Subway and then they played in the water at the park. After the group, I had a nice time visiting with one of Addie’s friends’ moms while they played a little while longer. 

I am so glad we allowed Addie to go. It gave her some independence, a chance to show she could be responsible and helped her regain some sanity by seeing a few friends and getting away from us:) I secretly was watching her from a distance and I could see her making it a priority to distance herself from others, even when the group was not. I had asked her to do this and she did! I am so glad I can trust her this far into her tween years! LOL

Final thoughts and challenge: Today as I dealt with all the struggles at work and the anxiety about returning to school and sending the kids to school and everything else on my mind I can’t seem to shake, I felt like the half dead man on the side of the road that had been stripped down, beaten and robbed. I feel that I am stripped of my hope of this turning out well, and the joy is being beaten out of me with each new dreadful report and death and I feel I am being robbed of quality time with my kids and husband because I am so tired and have very little emotional energy to give. Like the man left on the side of the road for dead, I need rescued. The good news is, I have been rescued already! The compassion of the Lord and the love of Jesus rescues me day after day, minute after minute! Even though I may be beaten down, I can still stand up and keep going because the Lord is my strength! 

How about you? Which character are you from the Good Samaritan story today? The Priest, the Levite, the Samaritan or the man in the ditch?

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