Day 136 July 30th

Today is cardio day so I ran 4 miles this morning. Alaina was up early so I had some time with her before going in to work. It was so nice! 

For my God time I listened to the Bridgetown Daily. They had a therapist speaking on fear and the role it plays in our life. She talked about the benefits of fear in our life and also how it can cause anxiety and other serious issues. Her point was that we fear is what helps us protect ourselves and helps us to make decisions in life. The one thing that really hit home for me is when she said “we don’t have to feel guilty when we feel fear”. This seems like a simple concept but for me I do tend to feel guilty as if I am not trusting God enough, but really it is my body’s natural response to certain situations. It is what I do with that fear that really matters. In most cases I take it to the Lord and realize that what I am fearing is not something I need to be fearful of but that I can trust the Lord.

I went in for another day of work. There is just so much to get done and so many details to work out. I just worked away until it was time to leave. On my walk home from work I had a pleasant surprise! I saw my cousin at the elementary school park that I passed by. I stopped to talk to her for a bit and then Aaron called and said the kids were waiting for me to come home. 

As I started back on the path home, I looked up and saw the kids coming down the sidewalk. First was Addie on her bike. Before she got to me she put her bike down and ran to me the rest of the way. Then came Parker, running full speed ahead in tears. He jumped into my arms and cried and told me how much he missed me and then Alaina pulled up the tail on her bike, she jumped off and hugged me and said she missed me so much. As much as I am thankful they love me so much and missed me this was just one day! I am really wondering how our transition back to school will go. 

This evening the kids watched a movie while I made dinner and ordered and put away groceries. After the movie they all worked on making pictures and cards to mail to their friends. It was a pretty relaxed evening overall.  

Final thoughts and challenge: How do you feel about fear? Do you feel bad when you are fearful?  Do you let your fear take over you and your decisions or do you have a way you work through it to get to the other side? Have you ever considered it a tool that you could use to your advantage?

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