Day 161 Aug 17- Aug 23

Well this week did not go at all like I thought it would. Parker got worse overnight and Alaina woke up not feeling well and Aaron and I didn’t feel well either so the kids stayed home from school and I took them to the doctor. Aaron and I were also told to stay home from work. The doctor tested Parker for strep. When that came back negative he then tested for covid for both kids. Because of the symptoms and the fact that the doctor could not find another explanation for the symptoms, we all ended up quarantined. We were told to stay home for 10 days, until the 27th.  Aaron and I were approved to work from home. HR was pretty heavily involved in the process. So after all this,  we were back to the stress of working at home while trying to do school. I knew Addie was going to be so upset. So I made it a point to pick her up and was able to spend some time with her and tell her what was going to happen. We cried together and then she quickly decided to focus on the positive, even though I know she did not want to. 

We were told we would not get results for 7-10 days. Our only option for returning to school sooner than the 27th was a negative result and a doctor writing a note stating the illness was an alternate cause and it is safe for us to return to school and work.  All we could do is wait. 

It ended up being a very good thing we stayed home. As the days passed each one of us got sick. Everyone started with a sore throat and then a low grade fever and then congestion and small cough. I had body aches and chills as well. It was bad enough that Aaron and I decided to get tested as well. We chose a different testing center just for accuracy sake. 

Around Wednesday is when Aaron and I got so sick. I let the kids eat cereal for dinner and I ended up with 102.6 temp through the night and the weirdest cough. I finally sat up on our bed against the wall and eventually moved down to the chair. It took about 3 days for my fever to fully go away and for me to start to feel human again. I continued to work the whole time but could not workout or anything! Aaron felt better sooner than I did and did not get the high fever. Addie got sick about a day later than us and had an even higher temperature than I did.  Late in the week the kids started feeling better but we all still had low grade temps.  Sunday was the first time we all started feeling like we could return to some normal activities. The kids were able to enjoy swimming again. 

Late in the week we got the results for the kids test and over the weekend we got our results, NEGATIVE! This was good news! Now I felt like I could pursue trying to get us back to school and work. I emailed the doctor and explained the situation. It is the weekend so I will have to see what they say on Monday! 

It is the weirdest thing that we can’t even go to work or school with a common cold symptom. I can’t imagine how many kids will be home from school, especially during the winter months. After being at the doctor with the kids, I do not get the impression that doctors will be writing many notes allowing kids back in school for an alternate diagnosis. They are treating all cases as if they are COVID. I am hoping with 4 negative tests, that I can find a doc to allow us back in to school and work! 

During the week the bunny thrived! He was eating more and enjoying the outdoors more. He is moving quickly and getting stronger each day. I am hopeful to release him in about 2 weeks. I somehow ended up being the one who is caring for him the most. Not sure how that works! 

Final thoughts and challenge: At one point during the week I wrote to one of the teachers who was kind enough to listen to my rant:

“I know this is all only a season but it is a very hard season for everyone! Just such crazy times.  I mean I had to zoom with a student who was upset and crying! I couldn’t put my arms around her or even be next to her. It’s so surreal and I think COVID is going to have a much longer impact than we know. I am so grateful to have hope in the Lord and the assurance that all things will be okay! I don’t know how people live life right now without it!” 

It is such a different situation being isolated due to illness during this time. Before we were able to still enjoy some activities at home but while we were sick, it was just miserable. I just kept thinking of people who are really suffering from Covid and for long periods of time. I mourned for them. For many people it is not just a head cold but they have months of recovery. I am praying for those people and praying people are trying to stay safe not for their own sake but for others. 

I am so grateful I am able to still work from home and connect with my students but it just is not the same! I can’t wait to return to school, even if it is only for a couple of weeks before we are forced back home. But hopefully at that time we will be well and can still enjoy being home. 

Don’t take your health for granted! Make sure you are grateful each day you feel well and can do normal activity! Also, be prepared for you kid to stay home because of a runny nose 🙂 

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