Day 175 August 31st-September 6th

This week was an eventful week! We took a lot of risks, in my opinion. 

To start the week we finally let the bunny go! She was very happy and hopped away with no issue. There were no tears because I think everyone knew it was time. She was starting to hop out of the cage and when we took her out for her outside time she was going further and further and got harder to catch. I am confident that she was ready to be on her own. 

There were a lot of hard situations at work this week. Things are heavy and the students are so super stressed. One student pointed out that beyond her stress at home and school she is concerned about the riots, natural disasters, the pandemic, sex trafficing and more. I cried with her as we talked through the pressure of all these things.  On top of this, I had to call CPS multiple times this week for a variety of reasons. My heart breaks for the trauma these kids are going through. In many ways my job is the same but it is so different at the same time. I pray each day that the Lord prepares my heart for whatever comes my way and that I can bring hope to the staff and students I work with. 

I was back to my normal workout routine this week. One day I had a run this week where my headphones were dead. It was such a great time to connect with God and pray and cry. I am so grateful I have a heavenly father who loves and cares so much about me and my worries and burdens. I really have go wireless more often!

In the middle of the week we were blessed to take a quick trip to Michigan to celebrate my nieces 3rd birthday. They were stopping in Michigan for one day from Minnesota and leaving the next to their new home state, North Carolina.  We were so grateful to get to see them before their move. Although I was happy to be with my family, I was a little panicked because we were inside with a large group and not really able to social distance for the first time since before COVID. There were a couple of times I had to talk myself down and trust that everything would be okay. I think a lot of my fear was of having to be home again for 10 to 14 days. I don’t want that for us!  The kids had a great time and we made it home late that same evening. 

On Friday we took another risk and traveled to Ohio for a doctors appointment for Parker. The trip was about 3 hours one way. We decided to take a chance and stay at a hotel for the evening and try to find some safe, fun things to do. For Friday night we got a hotel with a pool so we were able to swim and enjoy the hot tub and then we ordered a nice dinner for carry out. After eating in the room we just chilled and relaxed together. 

Saturday morning we got up and ventured out to the outlet malls. They were only allowing 10 to 20 people in the stores at a time so the few stores we went to, we waited outside (6 feet away from others) until the store was empty enough to enter. This made us feel safe and confident we would be okay. We grabbed lunch while we were there and ate on the turf they had and then we headed to IKEA.  It was so easy to distance ourselves in IKEA and we also felt safe there. The only problem was that we realized pretty quickly that they did not have anything in stock! They had signs stating that due to COVID they were out of things. As a result it was mostly a big waste of time and we didn’t get anything we went for. By the time we finished shopping there it was late and we decided to stay another night in a hotel. This time we were able to get a bit of a nicer one for the same price but this hotel’s pool was not open and I had to make an appointment to workout in the morning in the weight room. We ate our very late dinner and then crashed! 

The next morning I got up and ran a few miles on the treadmill and then we had breakfast and then went out to a very popular park nearby that was on many acres. They had a huge tower that you could go up to look out over the whole thing. It was super fun! I ran up the 18 flights of stairs trying to beat the kids and Aaron who waited for the elevator. I almost made it before them but was short by about 45 seconds. After exploring the park we went home and just relaxed the rest of the day. 

Final thoughts and challenge: This week was an emotional roller coaster. We did more this week than we have all of quarantine. Aaron and I both were on edge several times but we kept encouraging each other and reminding ourselves that we were being as safe as we could and that we needed to live a little.  The kids really enjoyed everything we did so even though we were unsure about everything, it was nice to see them get out of the house (and the state) and be excited about something! They played so well together and were very grateful. We had some much needed time out of the house! 

What about you? Are you becoming more brave the longer COVID goes on? Have you tried anything new lately? What is your family doing to stay sane?

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